Learn all about the Eppie doll and all of
the accessories in the product line. 
Also, learn the history and story of the
doll and what makes it so special to
children around the world. 

(All profits from sales of Eppie support
the Eppie Everywhere program.)
   Itís a real patchwork quilt! 
  Just another example of a high
  quality handcrafted "Things of Joy"
  product made with pride by
  some of the best seamstresses in
  North Georgia. This 34"X34"
  Donating to this non-profit organization will help us send dolls to children in the USA, and
  around the world.  Needy children everywhere benefit from the companionship and support
  a doll like Eppie can provide after experiencing tragediesand/or hardships in their life.
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We are proud to offer only the highest quality in both our Eppie doll and Home Healthcare products. All of our products are 100% hand-crafted in the beautiful foothills of the North Georgia Smoky Mountains, USA!! We appreciate your visit and hope all your days will be filled with "Things of Joy"!

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